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Resonance Mastering Professional Mastering Studio

As the final step in your music recording production,
mastering your music brings it to its fullest sonic potential.

What clients are saying

It was such a pleasure to work with Resonance Mastering! He definitely took the time and care needed to create a beautiful product. All the final masters came out so clean and clear, and exceeded my expectations.
_Alison Kay Reynolds
Doug is a credit to his craft. His is not above staying up late and putting in the hard Work until everyone is satisfied. He is very high touch, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. We have had several songs mastered by Resonance Mastering and can't imagine a better experience!
_Luke Larson - The Poets Dance
Great work! I'm particularly impressed with how you really brought the lead vocals to the forefront, as they should be. I was struggling to get the lead vox above the instruments in a pleasing, musical way which you've done.
Awesome work!
David Hayes - Red Door Studios

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Mastering For Streaming, CD, and Vinyl

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Resonance Mastering provides audio mastering services for any genre, broadcast sync, radio, VO, podcasts, and advertising.

Apple Digital Masters Certified Provider Apple Digital Masters Certified Mastering House

ISRC Management and Registration

Resonance Mastering is an appointed ISRC Manager by the US ISRC Agency.

Registered with SoundExchange, Resonance Mastering provides registration services to ensure you receive your royalties.
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About Resonance Mastering

Resonance Mastering is a professional mastering house, located in Bloomington, IL.


Mastering Services

Resonance Mastering is a professional mastering studio working with labels, recording studios, independent artists, bands, and private and public businesses.
AES Member
US ISRC Agency Appointed ISRC Manager
Apple Digital Masters Certified Mastering House

Since 2016 Douglas Reynolds, Mastering Engineer, has been working with client artists, studios, and businesses, providing audio production services for any genre, broadcast sync, radio, VO, podcasts, and advertising. Douglas has been working with sound and audio engineering since 1989.

What is it like to work with Resonance Mastering?

Working with Resonance Mastering includes a process of mix review in order to provide feedback and any needed corrections to the pre-master mix. Once a solid pre-master is ready, audio preparation begins with ensuring no phase problems exist and addressing any artifacts/noise that should be cleaned up. Then, work begins on the audio processing. Sometimes things come up and reveal themselves during this part and requests for revision be made to an individual track may occur. After processing is completed, a demo master is created for your review and feedback. This step helps ensure we are in sync with your vision. Your feedback will be addressed and a revision demo provided. There is no extra charge for revision demos. Once approved, final masters, which includes metadata embedding, will be created. Resonance Mastering is an appointed ISRC manager by the US ISRC Agency, I will provision your track an ISRC code for you to use everywhere you distribute the song.


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