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Resoance Mastering - Professional Mastering Services. AES Member, US ISRC Appointed ISRC Manager, Apple Digital Masters Certified Provider

Mastering Rates

$75 Per Track
Apple Digital Masters: Add $25 Per Track
Tracks over 6 Minutes: Add $15 Per Minute
Analog Tape in Master Processing: Add $5 Track Masters will be delivered at the same sample rate and bit depth provided.


Instrumental, Vocal Only, Radio and Broadcast Versions:
$50 Per Version

Vinyl Pre-Master:
7" - $30 Per Side
12" - $60 Per Side

Tape Cassette Master: $75
(Includes tape, leader trimming and splicing)
Cassette Shipping: Flat Rate $10


DDP Master File Set: $75
100 Duplicated Full-Color CDs Inserted Into A Full-Color 4-Panel Ecopack: $485
Full run quantities available
CD Replication/Duplication*

  • Full-Color Custom Printed EcoPacks**
  • Free PDF Proofs
  • Foam Locking Hub
  • 14pt Card Stock
  • Shrink Wrap
  • UPC
  • US Shipping
*Minimum order of 100 CDs
**Graphic Design Not Included
Prices are subject to change

Vinyl Pressing/Cutting
Priced Per Order - Short Runs Available

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